What Do Mortgage Brokers Do?

A Great Mortgage Broker ALWAYS Puts The Customer First.

Whether you are applying for a mortgage on the purchase of a new property or are looking to refinance your existing property, working with a reputable and experienced mortgage broker can help you get approved for the right mortgage to fit your personal and family needs. Having a great mortgage broker or mortgage agent working for you can make the difference between getting approved at the best possible mortgage rate, getting approved at a higher rate than you could qualify for, or in the worst case scenario not getting approved at all.

Maxium always put his customers needs first and do whatever it takes to ensure that you, our valued customer, will receive the best service in the industry. He is in your team, shopping around and fighting to get you approved for the best possible mortgage rate and terms that you can qualify for.

Mortgage Brokers Provide More Options And Easier Approvals Than The Banks

The right mortgage broker or agent will be able to help you with all of your real estate financing and refinancing needs. With today’s tough mortgage regulations, many Canadians are finding it next to impossible to get approved for a mortgage through their banks. Mortgage Broker will shop around with many different lenders, including traditional banks, to help ensure that you get approved for the best possible mortgage solution.

Why Do I Need A Mortgage Broker And What Can They Help Me With?

Maxium specializes in each of the following scenarios:

New Home Purchase Mortgage
Residential and Commercial Mortgage
Home Refinancing
Commercial Property Refinancing
2nd Mortgage
3rd Mortgage
Bad Credit Mortgage
Turned Away By The Bank Mortgage
Self Employed Mortgage
Home Renovation Loans
Private Mortgage
Stop Power Of Sale
Debt Consolidation Loans
Home Equity Loans
Construction Loans
Land Purchase Financing
Bridge Loans
Short-Term Mortgages
And more

If you would like honest, non-biased advice and guidance about your mortgage and home or commercial financing needs, an experienced licenced mortgage broker is the best person to consult with.

Call or text Maxium today at 437-353-9977 or email us at for a Free No-Obligation mortgage consultation.

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